At Greensted Construction, we are passionate about doing our part to help the environment.

We believe that small efforts towards a more sustainable home can make a big difference. With that in mind, we seize every opportunity to employ eco-friendly building methods and products to incorporate into our home builds. 

Our Mission

We practice a holistic building approach with every project (regardless of size) to ensure a strong commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. Whether it’s a basement suite conversion, or a brand new home, we always use the best professionals and technology available.

Materials are thoughtfully chosen to compliment the weather and landscape of West Coast living, while maximizing energy efficiency and project cost.

Unbuilders at our builds!

One sustainable practice we love is using reclaimed materials from B.C. based business, Unbuilders.

What is UnBuilders you ask? Well, they are a rad group who takes apart old buildings and salvage the materials for re-use thus saving them from a one way ticket to the landfill. One of our latest finds from Unbuilders was some reclaimed fir for a front entrance soffit feature at “Between Two Lakes” Carriage House. A cozy old growth energy blankets you as walk in the front entrance. 

reclaimed fir from UnBuilders

Sustainability from the ground up!

Another area we focus on in regards to the longevity of our homes is the building envelope. This is the core of the build, and plays a huge part in the project as a whole.

Recently we have began using a weather resistant barrier (WRB) such as Mento 1000. These types of WRB’s are vapour open, thus allowing any moisture within the wall cavity to escape rather than getting trapped inside. This creates a healthier environment for our building envelope, and extends the life of the home.

All in the details…

A third and (most recent tactic!) we have implemented is substituting a more sustainable product to replace poly bags. These plastic bags are typically used around pot-lights, bathroom fans, or any other equipment that penetrates our interior vapour barrier.

Poly bags are also notorious for leaking, and therefore increase the number of air changes per hour of the home.  We are now using scrap plywood to build vapour tight boxes around these devices. This creates less waste leaving the site, and less plastics in the home. 

Each and every one of us has the ability to make a difference, even if small, because all the small efforts come together to make one big impact – Greensted Construction is ready to do our little part!