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We are excited to use this new platform to share some of the exciting projects we have been working on over the past few years here in beautiful Nanaimo, B.C.

To start off, let me introduce myself! My name is Mike, and my friend Cory and I are the guys behind Greensted Construction.

Cory and I have a lot in common: we are both Central Vancouver Island born and raised, passionate about hiking and outdoor sports, and together we have over 45 years of combined industry experience. Our shared values surrounding sustainable building practices are what sealed the deal when we decided to join forces and embark on this business venture together.

About Cory:

Cory grew up in Nanaimo, enjoying the great outdoors and playing competitive sports. He now coaches hockey to local youths to teach them the benefits of physical fitness and help them develop healthy habits.

Cory began his carpentry apprenticeship in 2009, and has been working in the industry here on Vancouver Island ever since. He started Greensted Construction back in 2019 so he could focus on improving sustainability and environmental awareness on every jobsite. Cory is great at tracking down reclaimed materials and finding ways to incorporate them into every build. He also likes to learn about new and renewable products that can extend the longevity and comfort of each home. Sometimes recycled or upcycled products aren’t an option, but Cory will know what the next best alternative will be.

Cory is passionate about supporting local businesses, and especially ones that make beer. On the weekends, you can catch him at Mount Arrowsmith, Dog Mountain Brewery and Gladstones. He also likes getting on the trails and exploring new parts of the Island.

About Mike: 

Hi, I’m Mike! I’ve been working on construction sites since the early age of 7. Beginning in residential, then later branching off to commercial and industrial environments to broaden my management skills and earn my Red Seal as a Parts Technician. My early experience performing technical trade work, paired with extensive experience within the management process has provided me with a solid understanding of the construction process as a whole. 

When I’m not building houses, you can find me hanging out with my three kids: Reece, Pheona and Noah. We enjoy spending time outside, cruising the water down in Departure Bay and finding new local spots to eat! 

Part of the reason I am so passionate about sustainability is that I want to help preserve this big rock we live on. I hope one day my kids can show their families all of the cool natural wonders around Vancouver Island, and I know that the decisions we make today will impact that reality. I feel like the future of homebuilding is densification – I am a big believer in maximizing living spaces and encouraging multigenerational living. If I can help a family optimize their space to make room for a loved one or create extra income to improve their quality of life, that is a huge win!

What does Greensted mean?

Greensted is the name of a small village in England. One of the oldest wooden churches in the world stands there, the original nave was constructed during the middle ages. The structure itself is made of timber and oak, and the wood has withstood the tests of time.

We chose our name to honour the tradition, nature and workmanship that has kept this historical monument standing for all of these years. The beauty and durability of quality, locally sourced wood is second to none in our opinion. We strive to incorporate as many natural, reclaimed and environmentally sustainable materials as possible in each project.

We want to create timeless spaces that not only endure the west coast weather, but create beautiful backdrops for your family to make cherished memories.

How do we practice sustainable home building?

We incorporate sustainable practices whenever/wherever possible.

We want to look back at the end and feel proud that we didn’t just consume… We also make efforts to reuse and recycle materials to extend their purpose and minimize their environmental impact.

We also seek out technology and innovations that help make spaces more efficient. We are very proud to offer Green Renovations to help our clients save money and energy by optimizing their homes.

Finally, we commit to working with fellow industry professionals who are also mindful of our industry’s impact on the planet. We want to offer Nanaimo residents a holistic approach to home building, and part of that is ensuring everyone on the team has the same values and vision.

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